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Mini hydraulic power units for decentralized control solutions

In the aerial work platform, a type A mini hydraulic unit controls the basket leveling. This is an ideal complement to the central hydraulic control in an electrified vehicle.

Modern hydraulic solutions generate their power where it is needed. Decentralized control is the buzzword here. Implementation requires compact and integrated control solutions that are installed close to the consumer and have low noise emissions. The machine manufacturer saves long hydraulic hose lines, reduces losses and simplifies commissioning. This is because the power unit operates as a self-sufficient unit and only needs to be supplied with power.

The large selection of mini and compact hydraulic power units in the HAWE Hydraulik product range offers the right solution for many applications in industry or in mobile machines.

For example, the work basket of an elevating work platform can be leveled with the mini hydraulic power unit type A and directly connected compact cylinder. In an agricultural machine, an additional function can also be coupled in during operation with sufficient force using a type HR mini power pack. Or in a process machine, a heavy lid can be lifted with the compact power unit type KA. The built-in option of reversing the direction of rotation of the motor on the HR type makes it easy to control a double-acting cylinder. An additional switching valve is no longer required for this.

Furthermore, an overload protection of the motor is guaranteed by an integrated temperature switch and a connection to different actuators is possible. The power pack type A 100 is optionally available with DC or AC motor. The installation position is arbitrary. The decentralized power generation with low energy consumption makes the mini hydraulic power packs from HAWE Hydraulik also particularly attractive for driving additional functions in an electrified working machine.