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Easy to install pitch control in wind turbines

One of several designs for the ready-to-connect pitch module from HAWE Energy Solutions.

Pitch controls and pitch drives are used to reliably adjust the blade angle to the wind in wind turbines. These are also a guarantee for the best possible energy yield from wind power and must work reliably over the entire service life of the plant. Current development trends show a continuous increase in pitch activity. At the same time, the functionality of the drives has a considerable influence on the service life of other components such as the tower and foundation.

HAWE Energy Solutions, a 100% subsidiary of HAWE Hydraulik, has developed a Pitch Bearing Unit (PBU) consisting of blade bearing and pitch drive together with Thyssen Krupp Rothe Erde. The hydraulic pitch drive (pitch module) is integrated directly into the blade bearing as a prefabricated and tested unit. This combination then represents a ready-to-install system solution for the customer. Nevertheless, the pitch module can also be seen as an independent component.

The pitch module consists of the pitch cylinders for turning the blade, hydraulic piston accumulators for demand-oriented power supply, the manifold with a highly dynamic proportional valve and the necessary piping. The pitch module can be used for both electrical and hydraulic pitch systems.

Due to the modular design, various constructive designs are possible. Three different ones have already been constructively implemented by the engineers at HAWE Energy Solutions. This makes it possible to implement customer-specific solutions for every size of wind turbine. The pre-assembled delivery also reduces logistics costs and assembly times.