HAWE supports "Freunde des Klosters Reutberg e.V."

The association "Freunde des Klosters Reutberg" (Friends of the Reutberg Monastery) is trying to renovate and preserve the monastery by collecting donations and partnerships. HAWE has now decided to take on several sponsorships.

Through the factory in Sachsenkam, HAWE has had contact with the Reutberg for many years, be it with the monastery, the restaurant with the wonderful beer garden or the brewery. After guided tours by delegations through the HAWE plant in Sachsenkam, a subsequent visit to the Klosterstüberl is always a successful conclusion.

The monastery has existed since 1618 and the chapel since 1606. During these 400 years, many art treasures have accumulated, the preservation of which represents a considerable cost factor. The building itself is also getting on in years and urgently needs to be renovated. All this cannot be achieved without outside financial help. For this reason the association "Freunde des Klosters Reutberg e.V." was founded, whose aim is to preserve the monastery. By awarding sponsorships for the art inventory or by collecting donations, an attempt is made to preserve this gem.

HAWE Hydraulik has therefore decided to take over several of these sponsorships, e.g. the sponsorship of the pulpit with staircase and the sponsorship of the forging grids. HAWE is pleased that we can contribute in this way to the preservation of historical monuments in the region.

Foundation "Gesellschaft macht Schule"

The foundation "Gesellschaft macht Schule" (Society meets school) accompanies eighth- and ninth-graders already during their school years in order to promote the pupils' choice of profession for a successful transition into the profession. HAWE Hydraulik provides financial and personal support.

Up to 80% of young people attending secondary schools in urban conurbations often have social difficulties, learning disabilities or a migration background.

This target group disproportionately often does not graduate from school and rarely makes the direct transition to vocational training. In full-day courses, targeted vocational orientation and personality stabilisation measures can be used to provide targeted support. Since 2012, the foundation "Gesellschaft macht Schule" has been supporting eighth and ninth-graders, including those from the secondary school on Guardinistraße in Munich, during their school years. The support is provided in small groups as well as in individual discussions in order to promote the pupils' choice of career for a successful transition into the world of work. The vocational orientation project is continuously being further developed and modified, and the core project BEOg (full-day vocational orientation) was even financed by the Federal Employment Agency in the school years 2014/2015 and 2015/2016.

HAWE Hydraulik has been supporting the BEO+ project, which is a sub-project of BEOg, since June 2014. For this project pupils visit the Munich headquarters for an application folder day. The HAWE trainers and a personnel officer will give them tips on application letters and job interviews. The students also get an insight into the training occupations and requirements of a company for future trainees. Educators from the foundation "Gesellschaft macht Schule" then work with the pupils to prepare meaningful application portfolios. The computer workstations provided support this.

As a cooperation partner of "Gesellschaft macht Schule", HAWE has also sponsored a BEO 8g class at the secondary school in Guardinistraße for two years.

With the motto "You can become anything you want, no matter where you come from" HAWE supports not only financially, but mainly operationally. The students visit the factory in Freising and are even allowed to help themselves. The Freising trainer team will guide the young people through the halls and give them deep insights into the technical training. In discussions with HAWE Hydraulik trainees, the pupils can obtain first-hand information. In this way, the young people get access to an exchange of ideas and reflection on their choice of career. The sponsorship also includes a workshop on the subject of assessment centres and etiquette training.