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Waterproof and powerful - the HICON hydraulic power pack

Minimal space requirements but high performance - the HICON mini hydraulic power pack

The mini hydraulic power pack type HICON from HAWE Hydraulik was designed for use in recreational boats and offers a unique advantage in many other applications: It is waterproof and thus resistant to splash water or temporary immersion in water during operation. Due to the encapsulated design in 3 chambers, the protection class IP67 is achieved.

Built into the three-part compact aluminum housing are the brushless, powerful drive motor, the bellhousing with the consumer connections and the hydraulic oil tank. Thanks to its modular design, various sizes of gear pumps and motors can be combined. By reversing the direction of rotation of the motor, a reversing function can be controlled without a switching valve. The integrated electronic control allows the motor speed of the brushless DC motor to be varied. The power unit is connected to the main control system via CAN bus, the standard interface in mobile hydraulics. Status values on the operating status can be read out by the user easily and at a high data rate.