The partners we build on.

HAWE Hydraulik Schweiz cooperates with well-known partners and distributes their products. Thus, HAWE Hydraulik Schweiz can offer Swiss customers an even broader product selection beyond the HAWE hydraulic modular system.

Our partners:


Poclain Hydraulics

After the hydro motor was launched at Poclain Hydraulics in 1958, the company developed into a specialist in the manufacture of hydrostatic travel drives. High-torque radial piston motors with displacements of 128-15000 cc/rev, torques of up to 77,000 Nm, pressures of up to 450 bar, and integrated brakes are now part of the standard product range.



Since its foundation in 1970, Centa has been one of the most innovative and advanced companies in the field of electric couplings and cardan shafts. More than 10 million Centa couplings have proven themselves worldwide in applications ranging from industrial to marine.



HydraForce offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of screw-in valves for the mobile and industrial markets including agriculture, construction, renewable energy, etc. They supply high quality screw-in valves, customer manifolds and electro-hydraulic controls to meet almost all mechanical engineering needs with flow rates between 0.4 to 530 lpm and pressures up to 420 bar.



Since 1978 Grice Hydraulic Cylinders S.r.l. has been designing, manufacturing and distributing oil hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of production sectors. Thanks to the modular design, the use of tooling and advanced production processes, customers can be offered "tailor-made" solutions for any requirement.



Since 1996, Oesse has been manufacturing compact counterflow coolers in vacuum brazed aluminum. The key factors of success are the focus on a flexibility in the design and a high accuracy in the production: a customer-oriented working method, developed through systematic analysis from experience and subjected to constant testing.


RMF Systems

In the hydraulic market, it is a fact that contamination is the cause of 80% of mechanical failures in hydraulic systems. Especially dirt particles smaller than 2 μm (silt) cannot be removed by main flow filters. RMF Systems offers with the microfiltration systems an ideal device to combat this circumstance. The ventilating filters for protection against moisture and dust complete the program.



Eckerle is one of the technological leaders in the field of hydraulic pumps, pump systems for heating, air conditioning and medical technology, as well as electronic operating devices for industry. Development and production in Germany, as well as a globally established sales network, are an important pillar of the company's success. Eckerle also develops and manufactures special solutions and private labels for its customers.