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Welcome to our new HAWE Tech Podcast. The HAWE Tech Podcast is a format that regularly informs you about hydraulic applications and technical highlights. Best practice examples from the world of mobile and industrial hydraulics as well as insights into HAWE products, you will not find in our brochures and data sheets, make the podcast interesting for all users of hydraulics. All of this is explained to you by HAWE product and application experts. If you have any questions, suggestions for improvement or ideas and topics for the podcast, please send us an email to podcast (at) hawe.de.

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Overview of all episodes:

Episode 1 - Seated and spool valves

In energy-efficient shutdown operation and at particularly high hydraulic pressures, it makes sense to use leakage-free directional seated valves. If higher flow rates are required, a directional spool valve is often used. But when does it make sense to combine seated and spool valves?

Diana, Product Manager for seated valves at HAWE, and Martin, Key Market Manager, talk about this question in Episode 1 of the HAWE Tech Podcast.

Episode 2 - Variable displacement pumps for electrified vehicles

For applications with a short operating time and a focus on acquisition costs, a fixed displacement pump is generally used, while variable displacement pumps are more commonly used for longer operating times. With the increase in electrified vehicles, energy efficiency is also becoming more and more of a focus.

But how can variable displacement pumps in electrified vehicles help to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency? Tobias, Product Manager for Axial Piston Pumps, and Markus, Key Market Manager, talk about this in Episode 2 of the HAWE Tech Podcast.