Powerful two-stage drive for hydraulic rescue tools - it couldn't be smaller

Hydraulic handheld tools, such as crimping pliers, rescue cutters and punching tools should be as small as possible so that they are easy to handle at the place of use. At the same time they develop enormous forces during operation.  Hydraulics with their high power density and the new type of extremely compact two-stage drive from HAWE Hydraulik are ideally suited for this purpose.

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The HAWE Barbing plant is running at full speed again

HAWE Micro Fluid in Barbing, which is mainly known for the production of hydraulic solutions for medical technology and personal restraint systems, is producing 100% and trouble-free again after a fire in June this year. The backlogs in all series products have been completely processed and new orders are scheduled as usual.

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HAWE-Whitepaper offer well recherched trends and topics  in detail for your business.

Overview of the current whitepapers

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