Electric robot platform for off-highway use

Electric robot platform ROVO, emission-free off-road or on company premises

Up to 30km/h fast off-road, up to 100% incline or up to 500 kg payload, this agile chassis can do on crawlers from HAWE Mattro. Equipped with a powerful drive and the in-house lithium-ion battery pack, it is completely emission-free on the road. It is already prepared in the standard for attachments and superstructures of various kinds and can be optimally adapted to changing requirements. The robot platform called ROVO is already in use today, e.g. as a remote-controlled terrain survey, autonomous transport vehicle or as a universal mini fire brigade.

Numerous interfaces, different transmission variants, driving modes, various possibilities of power supply are available ex works. The integrated battery pack is designed as a replaceable battery and can be replaced quickly and without tools on site. With 100V nominal voltage and 8.8 kWh capacity, a battery pack offers up to 4h runtime, depending on the application. The integrated battery management system and built-in heating allow use in a wide temperature range from -20°C to 45°C.

Extensions to hardware and software have already been developed via partner companies and have proven themselves in use. This means that the ROVO can also find its way autonomously via Follow-Me or GPS waypoint navigation. A compact hydraulic control including electronics can be accommodated in the pockets of the ROVO and is therefore the preparation for the attachment of a mower or a lifting platform.

For more information:

HAWE Mattro GmbH, www.hawe.com/rovo or info (at) hawe-mattro.com