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Intelligent hydraulic power unit with a future seeks application

Prepared for predictive maintenance and decentralised control structure - the new compact power pack type INKA from HAWE Hydraulik

One thing quickly became clear: if HAWE were to develop a completely new hydraulic power unit, it would not only have to surpass the characteristic values of the currently available units, but would also have to be forward-looking. This is how the INKA type came into being, an intelligent compact power unit, equipped with many interesting technical highlights as standard.

he directly attached electronic communication box with integrated real-time operating system immediately catches the eye. The electronics enable the acquisition and storage of operating data, extensive diagnostic options and a self-test for all measuring functions. 

The measured values of the integrated multi-sensor, including the motor speed, can be transmitted to the higher-level machine control system via an IO-Link interface and processed there - keyword condition monitoring. Alternatively, a version with three freely parameterisable switching outputs is also available. In this case, any measured variable, such as temperature and fill level, can be assigned to each switching output with the help of a PC application (software) provided by HAWE. In the software, the calculated volume flow, the running time of the unit and much more can be displayed via the motor speed. The software also enables the digital creation of variants of the INKA with switching outputs, which is very interesting for flexible adaptation to different machine types by the OEM himself.

The status messages of the integrated multi-sensor on oil temperature, fill level and general condition of the unit are also displayed at all times via the LEDs on the communication box.

Many proven features have been deliberately taken over from the well-known series: For example, the finned tube housing, which dissipates heat very well, as well as the compact design with under-oil motor. With the direct attachment of the valve banks from the HAWE modular system, a customer-specific solution can be configured quickly and easily with this unit. The configuration can also be carried out online in the HAWE customer portal. The user then receives the corresponding 3D model and the type code for ordering by mouse click.

The unit can be equipped with a radial piston pump for pressures up to 700 bar or with a gear pump for pressures up to 200 bar. The maximum possible flow rate is 2.2 l/min.

The INKA type is ideally suited as a decentralised control for individual functions, in all processing machines, in machine tools, e.g. in workpiece clamping or in hydraulic tools. But it can also apply large forces decentrally in smaller presses due to its high-pressure capability up to 700 bar. Other applications are also conceivable in mixing, analysing or testing.

The compact unit type INKA was awarded the RedDot Design Award in 2021. The international jury thus confirmed the presented HAWE product design as outstanding in the category "Industrial Equipment, Machinery and Automation".