Reliable on gravel and snow – TractionDrive

HAWE Traction Drive is a compact and powerful hydrostatic auxiliary drive for truck or semi-trailer. This solution reliably prevents the wheels from spinning when entering or leaving a gravel pit or when driving on snow. It can be easily switched on and off as required using a joystick in the cab. Developed jointly by a team of specialists in vehicle construction, drive technology and well-known fleet operators, TractionDrive has already been tested and successfully used for more than 150,000 km. You could learn more about the improved off-road traction and increased payload capacity for trucks with HAWE TractionDrive in our whitepaper.

In the following you will find an overview of your advantages:


Everything from one source:

The complete solution consisting of hydraulics and electronic components is tailored to your vehicle. Experienced HAWE practitioners take care of consulting, development and commissioning.


Intuitive operation and monitoring from the driver's cab:

The system is activated and controlled manually by the driver at the compact control unit with rotary-push switch, which the driver can also use to increase or reduce the drive section if necessary. The various functions and status displays are shown on an additional screen in the instrument panel.


Very good maneuverability:

An electronic control system developed by HAWE regulates tractive force, wheel slip and speed. With HAWE TractionDrive, it is possible to maneuver purely hydrostatically up to a speed of 10km/h. The drive motors can also be switched on and off while driving. It can also be engaged and disengaged while driving, with the drive motors assisting up to a speed of 22km/h. The traction motors can also be engaged and disengaged while driving. This is how long they rotate, after which the TractionDrive valve decouples them hydraulically without wear.


More payload due to reduced additional weight:

Compared to a mechanical drive, HAWE's hydrostatic TractionDrive saves up to 750 kg of weight, which are available as increased payload for the fleet operator. For this purpose the hydrostatic TractionDrive and the tipping or additional hydraulics were combined in one hydraulic circuit.

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