The corporate principles of HAWE

Customer orientation

The legitimate requirements of our customers are the benchmark for our products, our services and our activities. Only satisfied customers safeguard the earning power and the existence of our company.


Innovation is the basic attitude of the company and its employees. For us, innovation means permanent improvement, but also achieving a balance between change and continuity. Innovation not only covers our products and their production, but also all areas of the company including structure and processes.


HAWE is a leading player in the hydraulics industry. Our products are market leaders with respect to their typical performance features. We offer "problem solutions for problem solvers" and distance ourselves consciously from standard solutions where the distinctive advantages of our products are of no concern. Consultancy, project planning and support are part of our performance package.


Technology leadership translates into an optimised price/performance ratio, creating maximum benefit for our customers. Our specific experience and know-how in design and manufacturing technology, along with the expertise of our staff, are our core competencies.


The variety of safety-related applications of our products means that maximum quality is required. In the attitude and in the behaviour of our employees, quality becomes a state of mind at HAWE, quality is the norm.

Quality policy

Industrial safety and environmental protection

HAWE is committed to protect and foster the health, productivity and work safety of our employees. Alongside active environmental protection and efficient energy usage the protection of health and safety at the workplace are integral to the entrepreneurial principles. Every company is obliged to reconcile ecology and economy. This principle is set forth and detailed in our

Corporate policy on industrial safety and environmental protection


As an international hydraulics supplier, we are represented in all the major industrialised nations. We also focus on fast-developing new markets. Our home market, Germany, is our successful platform for further growth.

Employees and leadership

Motivation, open-mindedness, and loyalty are the distinctive features of our employees. Common goals, open communication, objectivity, and fair conflict resolution define our cooperation style. The company has obliged itself to create suitable working conditions, to inform its employees extensively, and to promote development of their individual abilities. Every supervisor acts as a role model. Only someone who provides excellence can demand excellence.


What our customers expect from us is what we also expect from our suppliers. Full cooperation in development, logistics and service creates the basis for a long-term partnership. The selection of suppliers is carried out using clearly defined criteria.

Revenue optimisation and capital structure

Only with sustained profitability can the future of the company be safeguarded. Therefore, revenue optimisation forms the backbone of all our entrepreneurial activity and decision-making. We retain and promote our character as an owner-managed, medium-sized Bavarian family business with a healthy equity base.