Easy to install pitch control in wind turbines

Pitch controls and pitch drives are used to reliably adjust the blade angle to the wind in wind turbines. These are also a guarantee for the best possible energy yield from wind power and must work reliably over the entire service life of the plant. Current development trends show a continuous increase in pitch activity. At the same time, the functionality of the drives has a considerable influence on the service life of other components such as the tower and foundation.

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Official opening of the new HAWE Mattro plant in Schwaz

In July, the new HAWE Mattro location in Schwaz was officially opened. Around 60 participants attended the event, including customers from Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Austria, as well as partners, suppliers and several HAWE employees.

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HAWE-Whitepaper offer well recherched trends and topics  in detail for your business.

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В электронных книгах от HAWE Hydraulik вы можете узнать, что мы можем сделать для вас и ваших машин в названных областях применения.

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