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HAWE Hydraulik turns 75 years young

75 years ago, on 15th February 1949, the company "Heilmeier und Weinlein" was entered into the commercial register of the district court in Munich. At that time, it employed nine people, including the two founding fathers, the engineer Karl Heilmeier and the businessman Wilhelm Weinlein. This marked the beginning of what HAWE Hydraulik is today - a globally active company with 2770 employees and a worldwide turnover of over 500 million euros. Even today, after 75 years of company history, it is an independent family business that proudly combines its tradition with a lot of innovative spirit.


The threat to our democracy

We as the entire Management Board and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of HAWE Hydraulik hereby make it clear, that our jobs, our incomes, our freedoms and peace in Germany and Europe have three foundations:

  • Liberal democracy in Germany since 1949
  • The EU domestic market (where we sell over 50% of our products)
  • The social & free market economy as an economic system

Each and every one of us should be aware of this and thus bear in mind that endangering or abolishing one of these three foundations endangers the income, freedom and peace of each individual.


LICOS – The new generation of lifting columns

The requirements for modern operating rooms have changed significantly in recent years. More and more operating tables are interacting with surgical robots and vice versa. In order to meet these requirements, HAWE Micro Fluid has developed the new generation of LICOS lifting columns in accordance with the DIN EN 60601-2-46 standard.