The following videos give you an even deeper insight into HAWE products and their applications.

Functional Safety with Henry

When heavy loads have to be moved precisely or people in great hights have to work safely, you need a system you can count on in every situation. HAWE Hydraulik is the right partner with safe products.

Henry introduces HAWE' small but mighty components

The efficiency within an hydraulic system depends on every little component. Although they're performing their duties out of sight, they have to be chosen wisely in order to achieve the maximum potential savings. HAWE Hydraulik is the right partner with its small but mighty components.

Inside HAWE Hydraulik's Factory in Kaufbeuren, Germany

Take a look inside HAWE Hydraulik's new factory in Kaufbeuren which was opened in 2014. HAWE laid emphasis on an optimized supply chain, energy and ressource efficiency, as well as ergonomics along the production of hydraulic valves for mobile applications. Industry 4.0 the Allgäu way...

The video was produced for the Hanover Fair 2015 (April 13th-17th, 2015) by the VDMA.

Рождается новый завод: HAWE Hydraulik строит в Кауфбойрен, Германия

В замедленной съемке вы увидите строительство завода HAWE в Кауфбойрен с момента закладки в 2012 г. до открытия в 2014 г.

Expertise in Axial Piston Pumps

Learn from the example of the V60N-130 axial piston pump how you can increase efficiency in mobile applications. Its field of deployment includes construction machinery, concrete pumps, communal and waste vehicles.

Machine Tools Efficiency

Four advantages of HAWE hydraulic solutions for machine tools:

They are made for high flexibility, high efficiency, high reliability and high technology. Learn more about machine tools:

Металлообрабатывающие станки

Убедитесь сами: компактные и эффективные гидравлические агрегаты для обрабатывающих центров, токарных, фрезерно-отрезных станков и зажимных приспособлений.

Металлообрабатывающие станки