HAWE in Slovenia

Welcome to HAWE in Slovenia. On the following pages you will find information about our subsidiaries, HAWE Hidravlika d.o.o. as well as HAWE Hydraulik Systems Ltd.

HAWE Hidravlika d.o.o. offers our business partners many HAWE products and advice support services. HAWE Hydraulic Systems Ltd. offers turnkey solutions in design, construction, and production. Both companies have their headquarters and premises in the same building in Štore, Slovenia. Contact us directly:

HAWE Hidravlika d.o.o.
Mr. Kristian Les
Ob Dragi 7
SI-3220 Štore
Tel.: +386 (0) 3 8888 121
office (at) hawe.si

HAWE Hydraulik Systems Ltd. (HAWE Hidravlični sistemi d.o.o.)
Mr. Björn Brechtefeld, Mr. Danilo Knez
Ob Dragi 7
SI-3220 Štore
Tel.: +386 (0) 8888 131
si-systec (at) hawe.si