Aftermarket solutions for wind turbines


HAWE Energy Solutions is focused on the renewable energy sector. In addition to our hydraulic system solutions for wind turbine OEMs we offer engineering services, spare parts and retrofit solutions, tailored to your wind turbine type and geographical location. With more than 30 years of experience, we have faced almost every challenge in the wind energy sector.

We have designed, produced and supplied more than 20,000 hydraulic pitch systems. Including more than 4,000 for offshore wind. With our large network of suppliers and contacts on all continents, we can respond swiftly to your needs and reduce your turbine downtime.

For requiries and offers related to Aftermarket Wind please write an E-Mail to spareparts (at)

For request of OEM design and system solutions please find the relevant contact here. 

Turbine specific and customer specific aftermarket solutions:

It can only take a few failing components of the system to determine the service life of a wind turbine. To improve the output of the power plant you can get customized retrofit solutions or components to upgrade your turbine. We supply spare parts worldwide for a wide range of platforms such as Vestas, Senvion, GE and Siemens Gamesa (former Bonus Energy).


In addition, we may also supply large components like generators, gears, blades etc. on demand. You can experience full consultancy, preventive maintenance, retrofit solutions, and training for wind turbine efficiency and performance. Whatever the challenge, our services rest on our extensive experience and highly skilled team of wind turbine engineers.

Further information can also be found in our flyer for aftermarket solutions​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.


Original OEM spare parts on stock

With our multi-brand approach we can deliver components within a number of product categories, e.g. motors, valves, hoses, pumps, power packs, cylinders, accumulators, manifolds, filters, remote control, rotary unions and much more. We have partnerships with some of the best suppliers worldwide, which guarantees you quality and reliable components that can be trusted.

Our current stock lists 3,000+ items, both standard, customized and criticial components. For critical components we deliver within 1-2 days, even for suddenly occurring component and wind turbine failure. Original OEM Spare parts are available for a wide range of platforms, f.e. Siemens, Gamesa, Vestas or Goldwind.


N2B system for accumulator nitrogen precharging

With the N2B System - a nitrogen filler concept from HAWE Energy Solutions – you will optimize your accumulator nitrogen precharging process. The concept consists of two units: The stationary booster for the warehouse / service workshop and the mobile top-up unit to be used in the turbine.

With this system you will not only save time when you refill your accumulators during service, you will also optimize the utilization of the gas in your pressure bottles. The service technician only needs to connect power and nitrogen source for the system to be ready to charge accumulators. This helps to optimize your operating expenses during operation and service.


Hydraulic Oil Conditioning Units

The Oil Conditioning Units from HAWE Energy Solutions works independently from the pitch system, enabling a full-time filtration and a locally controlled cooling of the oil from the oil. This ensures a much more narrow operating temperature of the oil, avoiding overheating and offering cleaner oil at the same time. Both have a positive impact on the operation and the lifetime of the hydraulic system. It can be customized to fit to any hydraulic pitch system and will be delivered as a Plug&Play solution.

Repair and trouble shooting kits

Our wind aftermarket experts have created wind turbine type specific repair and troubleshooting kits for your service personnel. With this kit you get ready to use packages for a short time case of application or planned maintenance operations on site. They contain the relevant tools as well as necessary spare parts. Of course we can also adapt these customized trouble shooting kits for your needs.


Heavy repair kits for wind turbines

This kit is developed for up tower cylinder repairs. It contains all mayor spare parts as well as the specific tools for assembly and disassembly of the cylinders. In addition you get access to online work instructions, technical support and training. It reduces manual handling significantly and also the time spent on the exchange job. Our Heavy Repair Kit works for Vestas and Gamesa pitch cylinders of specific types. 


Cylinder Exchange Tool Kits

The Cylinder Exchange Tool Kit are available in 4 different cases including Work Instructions, Risk Assessments and Method Statements. The tool kit can be used for exchanging pitch cylinders and cylinder bearings in SWT-2.3-VS/MKII and MKIII wind turbines. The Cylinder Exchange Tool Kit is intended to support the exchange of the cylinder and cylinder bearings fast and safely. The tools are tested for use in on- and offshore wind farms.


Trouble shooting kit for hydraulic pitch system

The hydraulic troubleshooting kits contain the most commonly used hydraulic spare parts for hydraulics pitch systems. The content is based on more than 30 years of experience. Every single one of our trouble shooting kits are customized and designed for specific wind turbine types.