Whitepaper: "Electrification of mobile working machines – challenges and technical solutions"


The “electrification” megatrend familiar to us from the automobile industry has reached the market for off-road and commercial vehicles. For such vehicles it’s insufficient to think only of the electrification of the drive train. The working hydraulics in loading cranes, municipal trucks or raised working platforms can also be equipped with an electric drive, thereby becoming a highly efficient and at the same time emission-free system. This offers both superstructure manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers entirely new opportunities, which can be tackled in separate successive, for instance by modification, or all at the same time.


  • Electrified drives - both an opportunity and a challenge
  • The cost efficiency challenge
  • For electrification of optimised components
  • Optimum design of the overall system
  • Practical example 1: Partially electrified loading crane
  • Practical example 2: Fully electrified snow groomer