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Solidarity with Ukraine

Solidarity with Ukraine

HAWE Hydraulik strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and expresses its utmost concern for the people of Ukraine. Last Thursday HAWE stopped all business activities with Russia as a consequence of the required sanctions.

Ukraine is a young, emerging country that has self-determinedly chosen a democratic social and political system. Due to Wladimir Putin's war of aggression in Ukraine, Ukrainians, Russians, soldiers but also simply women, men, children are dying now. Cities and villages with their whole infrastructures are destroyed. The common framework of values and security, which has established one of the longest periods of peace in history in Europe since 1945, is being attacked without regard for humanitarian consequences. We feel for the people in our European partner country.

HAWE established a subsidiary in Russia two years ago. There, five dedicated and motivated employees work on the distribution of our products and solutions. Already last Thursday HAWE stopped all business activities with Russia in full consequence of the necessary sanctions. At the moment it is not foreseeable when and on which basis normal business relations can be found again.

Karl Haeusgen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at HAWE Hydraulik:

"HAWE Hydraulik has had sales partners in Ukraine for many years, we have our sales company in Russia. Behind these organizations are people like you and me. My fervent wish is for these ordinary people that Putin's war ends as soon as possible! The more united and united the West and the world community are behind it, the sooner the violence will end."