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Digital amplifier EV2D – Ready for safety-relevant processes in the press brakes

Valve-controlled system solution for press brakes with the matching amplifier card type EV2D

The new proportional amplifier type EV2D with SIL3, specially developed for the safe control of press controls.

A new digital valve amplifier has been developed for the valve-controlled press brake systems from HAWE Hydraulik, which is precisely tailored to the requirements. With SIL3, this meets the requirements for machine safety for press brakes.

If the workpiece is inserted and positioned by hand during sheet metal forming, unwanted version of the press beam movement in an unquenched state must be reliably prevented. In the case of press brakes, sufficient risk reduction due to inherently safe construction is often not possible. Additional technical safeguards are necessary to ensure safe operation. In the EV2D, a safe shutdown of the valves according to SIL3 is implemented, which reduces the use of additional safety components. In addition to analog interfaces, it also offers the familiar EtherCat interface for easy connection to the machine controls.

In basic version, the proportional amplifier EV2D is equipped with 2 analog setpoint inputs. The output signals are passed on via 2 IPWM outputs. In the extended version, there are even 8 analog inputs and 6 IPWM outputs. Due to its very compact design, the EV2D fits very well in any switch cabinet. The assembly is carried out via DIN rails.

As the market leader for hydraulic press brake systems, HAWE Hydraulik thus offers a wide range of products from the classic hydraulic system controlled by proportional valves to the speed-controlled servo pump drive to meet the requirements of the various machines.