HAWE Hydraulik Systems Ltd. (HAWE Hidravlični sistemi d.o.o.)


In 2018, another HAWE subsidiary with its specific field of activity - design, construction and production of system solutions, HAWE Hydraulik Systems Ltd., was founded in Slovenia.

Your local HAWE sales expert will connect you to our dedicated team of professional engineers.  With their high levels of competence and experience in the hydraulic-mechatronic field, they will support you in exploring your ideas, to help you find a solution that will meet the required standards and your expectations.

After finding the perfect solution, our engineers will design your system with the help of advanced CAD software and bring your idea a step closer to realisation.  From there, our professional team in production workshop will, in collaboration with the engineering department, make it become reality.

Production facilities cover 2700 m2 of our premises. Modern assembly islands are available on the shop floor, equipped with cranes and large LCD screens for viewing CAD drawings and documentation. All this enables us to efficiently assemble power units of small and larger dimensions, even up to 6.000 litres of reservoir volume. We can assemble and test power units with installed power of up to 150 kW and are equipped to bend metal pipes of up to a diameter of 42 with high precision. The final touch in our paint shop will give a sophisticated appearance to your product.

Custom manifold design - our experienced engineering can also design a solution and supply customized hydraulic manifolds, constructed with the help of specialised software tools (MD Tools), as well as prepare simulations of hydraulic systems.

We will be happy to be of assistance with our turnkey solutions, completely aligned with your needs and project requirements and thus guarantee your satisfaction. Various certificates guarantee high quality of our activities in different fields.


Certificates and downloads:

ISO14001:2015 (HAWE Hydraulik SE) - EN

ISO45001:2018 (HAWE Hydraulik SE) - EN

ISO50001:2018 (HAWE Hydraulik SE) - EN