BA - Valve banks

Product description

The directional valve bank type BA connects individual valve sections using sub-plates, thus enabling compact hydraulic manifolds to be assembled flexibly.

The intermediate plates type NZP enable additional functions and contain, for example, pressure reducing valves, shock valves, load-holding valves etc. An intermediate plate can be inserted between the sub-plate and the directional valve.

The valve bank can be directly flange-mounted to compact hydraulic power packs or used separately with a pipe connection.

Features and advantages

  • Flexible combination of directional valves with standard connection pattern NG 6 (Cetop 3)
  • Can be mounted directly to hydraulic power packs
  • Hydraulic accumulator can be mounted directly

Intended applications

  • Machine tools (cutting and non-cutting)
  • Clamping tools, punching tools, fixtures