eBook: "Electrification solutions for mobile machines"


There are two megatrends in particular that are increasing the need for tailor-made electrification solutions for more and more vehicle types. On the one hand, this is the climate protection or carbon footprint, i.e. everything that leads to a reduction in emissions in the manufacture and operation of machines. On the other hand, more and more people live in cities and thus in confined spaces, increasing urbanization is taking place. This brings the noise emissions of municipal vehicles more
into focus. Garbage trucks, road clearing equipment and construction machinery should carry out their work as quietly as possible. 

Together, the electrification experts from HAWE Mattro and the hydraulics experts from HAWE Hydraulik develop various concepts tailored to the respective vehicle types. These range from the construction of fully electrified vehicles to proven
solutions in the partial electrification of working hydraulics, the so-called hybrid drive. Learn more in our eBook.