LP - Air driven hydraulic pumps

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In the case of the air-driven hydraulic pump type LP, the flow rate depends on the set air pressure and the currently effective hydraulic counter-pressure. It can drop away until the pump comes to a standstill. The pump starts up again independently once the hydraulic consumer pressure falls (maintaining pressure) or the pneumatic pressure increases further.

The hydraulic pump type LP is available as a single pump, in the cover plate version or as a hydraulic power pack with different tank sizes. Compatible, ready-for-connection, complete solutions can be assembled easily using a wide range of connection blocks and the valve banks that can be combined with them. The cover plate version is intended for use of tanks provided by the customer.

Ominaisuudet ja edut

  • High operating pressures
  • Suitable for use in potentially explosive areas
  • Energy supplied by means of compressed air
  • Start-stop can be implemented via pump


  • Machine tools
  • Testing and laboratory equipment
  • Hydraulic tools
  • Hydraulic fixtures
  • Hoisting equipment