IEP – Intelligent Energy Packs

Tuotteen kuvaus

The energy packs type IEP consist of linked-up lithium ion cells. The integrated battery management system (BMS) continuously monitors the battery’s condition. This protects the battery from excessive charge and deep discharge, excessive or insufficient temperature and excessive current. It performs balancing and optimises the battery’s service life.

Energy packs type IEP can be used as individual rechargeable batteries for direct connection with an industrial connector. Alternatively, they can be used as exchangeable batteries by means of a tried-and-tested quick-change system. Communication with the battery charger and read-out of battery and log data is handled via CAN bus. The energy packs are available both as low-voltage (< 60 V DC) and as high-voltage (> 60 V DC) versions.

Ominaisuudet ja edut

  • Various nominal voltages (50 V DC, 100 V DC)
  • Compact design with very high energy density
  • Patented quick-change system
  • CAN bus interface
  • Integrated battery management with thermal management
  • High safety and vibration stability thanks to wire bonding


  • Traction battery
  • Mobile work machines
  • Off-highway applications
  • HGV-mounted equipment
  • Mobile electric power supply