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HAWE Hydraulik is part of the "dekarbN" climate protection network

After more than 10 successful years in various energy efficiency networks, HAWE Hydraulik is also starting in the first climate protection network "dekarbN" in Bavaria. This is a further step towards becoming an energy-efficient and climate-friendly company.

The aim “dekarbN” is to provide each participating company with a tailor-made decarbonisation roadmap that can be implemented in concrete terms at the end of the three-year network period. In addition, the necessary competence is to be built up to design and implement a concrete decarbonisation strategy in one's own company.

Many years of experience in the energy efficiency networks have shown the potential of this cooperative approach. The exchange of experiences promotes the competence building of the implementers on site and lowers the transaction costs in increasing energy efficiency. The newly launched decarbonisation network transfers these advantages of networking to the ambitions of industrial companies to significantly or completely avoid their greenhouse gases.

Due to its high share of energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, industry plays a major role in achieving climate protection goals.  This requires the decarbonisation of all industrial sectors. To achieve this goal, every single company, including those with less energy-intensive value chains, will have to make its contribution. This requires an individual decarbonisation strategy tailored to the specifics of each company and its production sites.