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Two-stage valve type NE

Product description

Two-stage valves are a type of pressure control valve. They are used in hydraulic systems that are supplied by dual stage pumps, a combination of high-pressure pump and low-pressure pump.

The two-stage valve type NE combines the two pump delivery flows into a common volumetric flow. It switches the low-pressure pump to unpressurised circulation if the pressure value set is reached. It protects both pumps against exceeding the high or low-pressure value set.

The two-stage valve type NE is used with directional valves to control double-acting hydraulic cylinders.

Features and benefits:
  • Operating pressures up to 700 bar
  • Direct mounting on hydraulic power packs
  • Direct combination with valve banks
Intended applications:
  • Presses
  • Test benches
  • Hydraulic tools
Technical data - Type NE - Switch unit
Size20, 21DesignPorting, Valve bankWorking pressure (high pressure)700Working pressure (low pressure)55DocumentDownloads
Size70DesignPortingWorking pressure (high pressure)500Working pressure (low pressure)60DocumentDownloads
Size80DesignPortingWorking pressure (high pressure)500Working pressure (low pressure)30DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignWorking pressure (high pressure)Working pressure (low pressure)Document20, 21Porting, Valve bank70055Downloads70Porting50060Downloads80Porting50030Downloads