HAWE FluidMan – the quick and easy way to create hydraulic schematics.

Whether it's a complex valve bank, a hydraulic power pack with valve mounting, or an individual component, you can create the product type you need in the HAWE product configurator (TypeMan). With just a click of the mouse, you immediately obtain the appropriate circuit symbol for your HAWE FluidMan (based on EPlan Fluid 2.6). You can also easily add product images, detailed bills of material for items, or other necessary information. As a result, you can create a complete hydraulic schematic in next to no time. 

Just watch this video!



In order to easily create circuit symbols as described above, we recommend that you configure the product type in the HAWE product configurator (TypeMan). If you do not have access credentials for TypeMan yet, please contact your HAWE contact partner.

Please use the TypeMan update in order to regularly update the data in FluidMan.

For request for FluidMan please use our contact form.

This video explains the possibilities that the program opens up for you: