The implementation concept as a planning guide for the entry into electromobility

As part of the implementation concept, the vehicle system is analyzed for power requirements and the individual main consumers are identified. In the further research work, components (e.g. motor, inverter) are selected that meet these requirements. Optimization potentials of the components in the interaction of energy consumption, performance data and weight are examined and compiled. The individual recommendations are summarized in a well-structured and detailed document and, if desired, presented on site at the client's premises.

Example structure of an implementation concept:

  • System analysis
    • Power requirement central drive/total system
    • Optimization potential through decentralized drive concepts
    • Performance requirements for individual functions
    • Determination of the battery capacity/running time


  • System architecture
    • Overview
    • Selection of components
    • Guide prices components
    • Project cost estimation
    • Conclusion


  • Description of the components
    • Battery / battery cluster
    • Drive motor(s) / Inverter
    • Control unit
    • Charger
    • Other components    


Ask your sales contact for an offer for an implementation concept tailored to your vehicle type here.