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Directional seated valve type EM and EMP

Product description

Directional seated valves are a type of directional valve. As cone valves they are tightly sealed without leakage in the closed state.

The directional seated valves type EM and EMP are screw-in valves. 2/2 directional seated valves with direct or pilot-controlled electromagnetic actuation are available. The directional seated valve type EM is available as a directional valve or damped switching (soft-shift). Type EMP is a proportionally actuated directional seated valve with throttle function.

Appropriate connection blocks make possible direct pipe connection or manifold mounting. You can obtain additional components, e.g. a drain valve, bypass throttle valve, pressure switch or flow control valve.

Features and benefits:
  • Zero leakage in blocked state
  • Directly switching up to approx. 3 lpm and piloted up to 160 lpm
  • Minimized flow resistance even at high flow rate
  • Long lifetime due to hardened valve seats
Intended applications:
  • Cranes and lifting equipment
  • Road construction industry
  • Materials handling, industrial trucks etc.
  • Handling and assembly robots, etc.
Technical data - Type EM - Directional seated valve
Size11, 12DesignScrew-in type, PortingSystem pressure450Flow rate (lpm)20DocumentDownloads
Size21, 22DesignScrew-in type, PortingSystem pressure400Flow rate (lpm)40DocumentDownloads
Size31, 32DesignScrew-in type, PortingSystem pressure400Flow rate (lpm)80DocumentDownloads
Size41, 42DesignScrew-in type, PortingSystem pressure350Flow rate (lpm)160DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignSystem pressureFlow rate (lpm)Document11, 12Screw-in type, Porting45020Downloads21, 22Screw-in type, Porting40040Downloads31, 32Screw-in type, Porting40080Downloads41, 42Screw-in type, Porting350160Downloads
Technical data - Type BEM - Directional seated valve
Size1DesignValve bankSystem pressure315Flow rate (lpm)20DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignSystem pressureFlow rate (lpm)Document1Valve bank31520Downloads
Technical data - Type EMP - Prop. directional seated valve
Size21DesignScrew-in type, PortingSystem pressure400Flow rate (lpm)40DocumentDownloads
Size31DesignScrew-in type, PortingSystem pressure400Flow rate (lpm)80DocumentDownloads
Size41DesignScrew-in type, PortingSystem pressure350Flow rate (lpm)160DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignSystem pressureFlow rate (lpm)Document21Screw-in type, Porting40040Downloads31Screw-in type, Porting40080Downloads41Screw-in type, Porting350160Downloads