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The compact hydraulic power pack type HICON’s encapsulated design offers protection against temporary immersion in water according to protection class IP 67. The pump module integrates a gear pump and a brushless motor. The motor's rotation can be reversed, thus facilitating ow reversion without requiring a directional valve.

When designing the compact hydraulic power pack type HICON, particularly emphasis was placed upon status monitoring. The integrated temperature switch protects the motor from overloading. Additional pressure-limiting valves prevent any thermal overpressure or the permissible peak pressure from being exceeded should consumer travel be blocked.

Features and benefits:
  • suitable for nominal modes S3 (short period operation) and S1 (continuous operation)
  • 12 V to 24 V DC
  • Vertical and horizontal installation possible
  • Protection class IP 67
  • CAN bus functionality compatible with J1939 protocol
Intended applications:
  • Speedboats, jet skis
  • Agricultural machinery, construction machinery, commercial vehicles
  • Industry
  • other decentralised, mobile applications
Technical data - Type HICON