Thinking ahead - accessories for the battery packs

The HAWE Mattro portfolio includes many practical accessories to go with the battery packs. These supplement the modular system or make use even more convenient for you.

The charging unit for your battery pack

Die Ladegeräte von HAWE Mattro sind mit passenden Steckern vorkonfektioniert, parametrisiert und damit sofort mit Batteriepacks von HAWE Mattro einsatzbereit.

The shaft for the exchangeable battery

This frame is installed on the vehicle side and offers the possibility of using the battery as a quick-change system. High-current and data connections are established simply by inserting the battery. A battery can be changed in less than a minute.

The fuse box for your electric drive

Custom designed or off-the-shelf - Every electric drive train needs a central power distribution system that connects all consumers to the battery and protects them individually.


The AkkuSafe from HAWE Mattro offers the right safety storage for your battery packs, both for storage and for transport. The AkkuSafe is available in two different versions.