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Zero Waste - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

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In 2019, HAWE Hydraulik and 7 other companies founded the network "Zero Waste - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle". In the last 2 years, a number of goals have already been achieved. After the initial focus was on the avoidance of single-use plastic, all possible topics of resource waste are now addressed during the network meetings.

Life without waste is no longer possible. However, in view of the increasing environmental pollution, the question arises as to how the flood of waste can be counteracted in a meaningful way. Where and how can waste be reduced, reused and recycled in the business environment?

This question is also being asked by the 11 participants in the network currently represented at "Zero Waste - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle". These include HAWE Hydraulik, Arqum, Theatre for Business, Kinshofer, Karopack, Schiedel, Schreiner Group, Spinner Group, Tikiwe® bags made of cork, the Bavarian Environmental Cluster and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria.

Some measures have already been successfully implemented in recent years. For example, plastic bowls for lunch to go have been changed to normal plates with reusable lids, old coffee grounds have been collected in the office and used by employees as plant fertilizer, envelopes have been changed to envelopes made of recycled material, and pump containers have been used in the canteens instead of portion bags for mustard and ketchup. By recycling sorted-out small-parts containers, around 1.5 tons of plastics are kept in circulation each year.

New ideas are also always welcome in the network. For example, in the future, there could be a switch to reusable cleaning cloths or paper towels, which can be added to the recycling process. Ideas like these will be worked out and tested by the next meeting. At each of the network meetings, external experts also present their approaches to solutions for various topics, for example bioplastics or packaging on demand.

In the participating companies, over 41 tons of waste have been saved since May 2019!

We would be happy to share our knowledge with more companies. Email us at zero-waste (at) if you are interested.

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