HAWE at China Wind Power in Beijing:

Function modules for wind turbines in modular design

At China Wind Power fair in Beijing from 17 to 19 October 2017 HAWE Hydraulik shows space-saving and reliable solutions for wind turbines. The HAWE application specialists continuously optimize the existing product range of functional modules based on the experience gained. Recent innovations in that range of the functional modules are the rotor lock module and brake module for improved security and ease of use.

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A brief insight into our topics prepared for you  at China Wind Power 2017:

Brake modules with seated valves meet requirements of Germanischer Lloyd

Directional seated valves are leak-free in the locked position. When used in brake modules the applied brake pressure remains securely maintained. No need for the pump to be turned on at intervals or for an accumulator that must cover the pressure losses. This means that even during a complete power failure, the operating pressure is kept constant up to seven days.

Compact function module for opening and closing the yaw brake

The function module contains directional seated valves for opening and closing the brake, for adjusting the residual holding pressure for the realignment of the nacelle to the wind and for the flushing of the brake circuit during maintenance. The ability to purge the brake circuit is essential to the proper functioning of the components during the expected 20 years guaranteed lifetime. By integrating several components in a module, it is considerably more compact and increases the operational reliability.

Rotor lock modul with safe two-hand operation

The mechanical lock cylinder for the rotor drives only when the operator pulls the locking button by hand and moves the hand lever on the module with the other hand. Then the hand lever locks in a switching position. The locking button must be depressed again to start the cylinder to move again. This valve can also be controlled electrically.

Decentralized control for rotor brake

The compact power pack type KA is due to its small dimensions ideally suited for a decentralized arrangement directly on the rotor brake of the wind turbine. Long tubing connections with correspondingly high costs and installation efforts can thus be avoided. This is particularly important since increasing plant size also increase the distances between the hydraulic consumers. It can be equipped with all functional modules and is therefore a very flexible solution.