FlexUnit - Product-specific documentation with a click of a mouse

With the FlexUnit, HAWE Hydraulik presents a highly flexible series of hydraulic power units. These units operate at pressures up to 700 bar or up to 90 l/min and are configured from a standard design kit and which can be expanded with a few mouse clicks. The customer immediately receives the complete documentation consisting of a hydraulic schematic (EPlan), a 3D model and product-specific data sheets.

The FlexUnit is a fully modular designed hydraulic power unit for industrial use. Heart of the system are either the tried and tested radial piston pumps from HAWE Hydraulik which are designed for high operating pressures up to 700 bar or especially low noise gear pumps for lower pressures up to 280 bar. Combinations of radial piston and gear pumps for the construction of a two-stage unit (high-pressure / low-pressure) are also an option provided in the modular design kit.

The special feature of the FlexUnit series are the very flexible and comprehensive configuration options which are easily selected with the HAWE product configurator.

Eight different tank sizes (from 30 l to 630 l), nine electric motor sizes (from 3 kW to 37 kW) and hundreds of pump types with outputs of up to 90 l/min cover almost every application. A variety of options are included, such as filters, filter indication, temperature and level monitoring. 

The customer-specific design of the hydraulic power unit is configured via a type generator. The hydraulic circuit diagram can be generated in FluidMan (based on EPLAN fluid), .dwg or .pdf format and a product-specific data sheet can be generated at the push of a button. In addition to this comprehensive documentation, HAWE Hydraulik also provides a 3D model as a step file or in other exchange formats. The integration of the product-specific information into the customer-specific machine design is thus greatly simplified and the development effort for the user is significantly reduced. 

All HAWE valve banks can be directly mounted to the power units. For high pressures up to 700 bar, the valve bank type VB with directional seated valves is suitable. Large volume flows with pressures up to 350 bar can be controlled with the type BNG valve bank. The BNG permits the construction of standard valves of the nominal size CETOP 3 and 5. Both sizes can also be combined easily in one valve bank providing advantages to the application.

If two-stage units (high-pressure / low-pressure) are used, the automatic switchover between the low-pressure and high-pressure stages is implemented directly within the connection block of the valve assembly.

With the FlexUnit, you can also use the established proportional directional spool valve bank type PSL, with flow rates of up to 90 l / min and operating pressures up to 420 bar.

At the EMO Fair 2017 a FlexUnit will be on display at the HAWE booth in hall 6/L74.