Regional sustainability actively lived

The "HAWE honey" is produced by the bees at the Kaufbeuren site (from left to right: A. Kunzmann, P. Schäfer, W. Sochor).

Bees pollinate plant flowers, collect nectar and thus make an important contribution to the environment. They are indispensable for maintaining the biodiversity of plants and animals. At HAWE Mattro GmbH in Austria, there have been young bee colonies since the end of May 2022, which ensure pollination of the surrounding areas. The bees at the Kaufbeuren site have meanwhile become accustomed to their surroundings.

At HAWE Mattro GmbH in Austria, there have been new “employees” since the end of May. More than 250,000 bees ensure sufficient pollination of the surrounding areas and green spaces. For this purpose, HAWE cooperates with the Almendra association, which launched the "Plan Bee" project.

There have already been two bee colonies at the Kaufbeuren site since 2020. Since this year, HAWE has also been producing its honey from "own" production. The project is accompanied by employees, with one employee having many years of experience in dealing with bees as a beekeeper.

The project aims to raise awareness and enthusiasm among employees for environmental issues such as biodiversity and species diversity, while at the same time actively promoting regional sustainability. The grazing of green areas by sheep complements HAWE's activities at the Kaufbeuren site.

More information on our CSR activities at: www.hawe.com/company/csr/