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Programmable logic valve control type PLVC

Product description

Valve controls control and regulate complex mobile or stationary hydraulic systems.

The programmable logic valve controls type PLVC are freely programmable PLCs with integrated proportional amplifiers.

Highly precise functions are possible thanks to the feedback measurement at the valve outputs. The number of digital and analogue inputs and outputs can be configured variably.

The valve control type PLVC is of modular design and can be expanded to suit the application. It can be very straightforwardly integrated into existing systems due to the existing interfaces.

Features and benefits:
  • Modular systems with expansion and enhancement modules
    (Basic and expansion module)
  • Flexible programming
  • Different interfaces (RS 232, CAN bus, Profibus)
  • All output parameters can be customised
  • Software function modules (PLC programs)
Intended applications:
  • Construction machines
  • Crane systems
  • Complex lifting devices
  • Machines for forestry purposes
  • Machine tool and press construction