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Zero Plastics - Project and Network for the Avoidance of Disposable Plastics

Started as an internal project "Zero Plastics" at HAWE Hydraulik, interested companies will exchange concrete measures and future ideas for the avoidance of disposable plastics in a regular network meeting. A very concrete contribution to the topic of environmental protection.

In October 2018, HAWE Hydraulik started the "Zero Plastics" project at all production sites in Germany with the aim of no longer using disposable plastics by the end of 2022. This includes all plastic packaging in shipping and receiving, disposable coffee cups, food packaging and much more. Since then, scouts have been on the road at HAWE's factories to identify avoidance potential and research alternatives. At the same time, HAWE employees regularly find many simple but effective tips on the intranet for their private everyday lives. True to the motto "Every little step forward counts".

In order to generate even more ideas and to exchange existing ideas, 20 representatives of companies from different sectors and sizes met at HAWE Hydraulik's headquarters in Aschheim/Munich on 23 May 2019. Previous experience with participation in energy networks has shown that goals can be achieved much more effectively and quickly by exchanging ideas and developing solutions together. The IHK Munich and Upper Bavaria's recycling management and resource efficiency department welcomes the idea of even establish a network here. The next meeting is planned for October 2019.

The starting point of the "Zero Plastics" project at HAWE Hydraulik was, by the way, a customer enquiry that the company received in 2018 with the requirement to completely dispense with disposable plastics in the packaging and delivery of HAWE products in future.