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HAWE trainees sew masks for needy people

The industrial apprentices at HAWE had a very special project day in these difficult times. The initial idea met with immediate enthusiasm among the trainees and our young colleagues quickly agreed:

"We trainees want to help people who need it most. That's why we sewed masks diligently with the great support of our instructor".

And they were really hard-working. 170 masks made of textiles have been completed and have now been passed on to the station mission and child protection.

With the motto "We act quickly, unbureaucratically and flexibly, all people are welcome", they became aware of the station mission in Munich.  But even the smallest ones are important to them. That's why we decided to make a donation to Child Protection in addition to the station mission. Of course, they will receive extra children's sizes so that the masks fit the kids properly.

When asked about their motivation and review of the project day, everyone agreed:

"Especially in these challenging times, we must all stick together, be strong and take care of each other. Since the station mission offers support, advice and guidance to everyone - regardless of age, religion and origin - and the child protection service provides for disadvantaged children, this is the right way for us to help.

This is our heart project and we hope to be able to support those in need!”