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Reynolds Learning Academy Students visit HAWE Portland

Reynolds Learning Academy Students visit HAWE Portland

Eight local high school students and their supervisor paid a visit to HAWE Hydraulik Portland on October 18th as part of the Reynolds Learning Academy Trades Program. Angie Gilbert, the Trades Coordinator, created this program as a way to introduce students to trades that are available to graduating students in the local community, particularly those students who may not be college-bound. The program introduces students to vocations within industries to which they would otherwise not be exposed, hydraulics manufacturing and systems integration being just one example.


During a presentation given by Paul Veenker, HAWE Portland Engineer, the students learned:


  • A brief history of HAWE Hydraulik
  • The fundamentals of hydraulics by which a fluid is used to perform work
  • The importance of hydraulics in modern industry
  • The role of a hydraulic systems integrator to provide customers with specialized solutions for their fluid power needs
  • A few of the job opportunities available to them in the hydraulics industry, including but not limited to: Welder/fabricator; Assembly/testing technician; Systems engineer/draftsman; Controls/programmer; CNC machinist; Field service technician



After the presentation, the students were taken on a tour of the HAWE Portland including the fabrication, manufacturing and testing areas, where they were shown some of the projects currently in production.


This is the third year for the partnership between Reynolds Learning Academy and HAWE Hydraulik. HAWE will continue participate in this trade program and we hope that continued exposure to our field will inspire the younger generation entering the workforce to consider our niche in the fluid power industry as a viable career option.


As a family-run business, HAWE Hydraulik is committed to support HAWE employees, local business, organizations and charities within the communities in which we operate.