Zero Waste

Started as an internal project at HAWE Hydraulik, interested companies exchange concrete measures and future ideas for the avoidance of disposable plastics in a regular network meeting. A very concrete contribution to the topic of environmental protection.

In October 2018, HAWE Hydraulik started the "Zero Plastics" project at all production sites in Germany with the aim of no longer using disposable plastics by the end of 2022. In the meantime, the project has been expanded to include "Zero Waste Reduce, Re-use, Recycle", as the various measures have shown that a pure consideration of disposable plastics does not go far enough. For all materials used, the aim should be to avoid unnecessary waste, to establish reusable instead of disposable systems and thus to achieve a resource-efficient recycling economy.

According to the german motto "jeder kleine Fortschritt zählt (every small step forward counts)", many different measures have been implemented since the beginning of the project: from avoiding disposable packaging in the food sector, in the cleaning sector, for promotional gifts and office materials to internal conversions from disposable bags to returnable folders and the establishment of returnable systems with customers. HAWE employees are regularly informed about simple and effective tips, also for everyday use.

The trainees are actively involved with their own project. One focus is the topic of plastic coffee cups. The project team designs and builds its own machine for cleaning coffee cups - the "Green Clean", as the washing machine is to be called. It can clean the cups within a few seconds with the help of hot water. The trainees do not only deal with the Green Clean. In addition, they contribute ideas for the implementation of other measures and are a great help for the Zero Waste project.

In order to generate even more ideas and to share and expand existing measures, 20 representatives of companies from different sectors and sizes met at HAWE Hydraulik's headquarters in Aschheim/Munich in May 2019. The second network meeting took place at the end of October at a network participant in Augsburg.

Previous experiences with participation in energy efficiency networks have shown that goals can be achieved much more effectively and quickly through mutual exchange and the development of solutions. This gave rise to the idea of establishing a network here as well. The area of recycling management and resource efficiency of the IHK München und Oberbayern actively supports this idea. The next meeting is planned for March 2020, further prospective customers are cordially invited. Please send therefore an email to ehs (at)