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Load-holding valve type LHK

Product description

Load-holding valves are a type of pressure control valve. They prevent loads on cylinders or motors dropping in an uncontrolled manner. For this purpose they are pre-loaded with a pressure setting that is higher than the largest possible load. A hydraulic piston controls the opening of the valve to achieve the required lowering velocity.

The load-holding valve type LHK is suitable for applications that are not particularly prone to oscillations.

Shock valves and shuttle valves can be fitted with or without restrictor check valves, for example, to delay the release of hydraulic brakes.

Features and benefits:
  • Operating pressures up to 420 bar
  • Various adjustment options
  • Various configurations
Intended applications:
  • Cranes
  • Construction machinery
  • Lifting devices
Technical data - Type LHK - Over-center valve
Size2DesignsPorting, Manifold mountingSystem pressure400Flow rate (lpm)20DocumentDownloads
Size3DesignsAssembly kit, Screw-in type, Porting, Manifold mountingSystem pressure360Flow rate (lpm)60DocumentDownloads
Size4DesignsAssembly kit, Porting, Manifold mountingSystem pressure350Flow rate (lpm)100DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignsSystem pressureFlow rate (lpm)Document2Porting, Manifold mounting40020Downloads3Assembly kit, Screw-in type, Porting, Manifold mounting36060Downloads4Assembly kit, Porting, Manifold mounting350100Downloads