New load holding valves for many applications

The new generation of load-holding valves of HAWE Hydraulik offers besides further technical development a wide range of cartridges  and housings. The user benefits from the best controllability and high operational safety.

The more than 1000 variants of load-holding valves are based on 4 sizes and meet the most diverse requirements of mobile machines with boom cylinders or hydromotors. They cover a flow rate range of 4 to 350 l / min. The right choice is important and is, of course, supported by experienced HAWE experts.
At high volumetric flows, a low delta p ensures high energy efficiency. In the case of low volumetric flows, the controllability is ensured by valves with fine control range. For applications with small cylinder movements, there are extra pistons with nominal values ​​of 4 or 15 l / min. Depending on whether energy efficiency or stability is of particular importance in the application, control ratios of 2: 1 to 24: 1 are possible. Various vibration damping options add stability in operation and provide a high degree of safety to the operator.
Due to the low-leakage design, the position of the cylinder or the hydromotor is reliably maintained over an extended period of time. The lowering of the load is controlled, and running ahead is effectively prevented. The CLHV series is designed for low and medium vibration-prone applications. HAWE Hydraulik offers a further series, type LHDV, for systems that are highly susceptible to vibrations, such as large fire trucks or bridge inspection units. The right choice not only increases safety during operation, but also reduces the losses in the hydraulic system. This increases the energy efficiency of the entire system.