High pressure hydraulics

High pressure is usually defined as the pressure range greater than 450 bar. High pressure is required above all when large weights have to be moved precisely or powerful movements have to be carried out precisely in a small area. High pressure components can be used to build very weight- and space-optimised solutions. If pressure peaks of up to 1000 bar are to be expected in a system, high-pressure components are selected that can withstand them without any problems. Not all typical hydraulic components are suitable for high pressure.

We have put together a large selection from HAWE Hydraulik's modular system for you.

High-pressure pumps:

Radial piston pump type R

The radial piston pump is suitable for pressures up to 700 bar due to its design with radially arranged small piston pump elements. Due to the order of the elements in several rings, larger volume flows with low pulsation can also be generated.

Hydraulic power pack type LP

Type LP pumps are valve-controlled, reciprocating plunger pumps based on the principle of a pneumatic-hydraulic pressure amplifier. Depending on the transmission ratio (area ratio - hydraulic piston : air piston), hydraulic pressures of up to 630 bar can be achieved at an air pressure of 6 bar, for example.

Dual-stage pump type RZ

If fast movements are to be combined with powerful movements (rapid traverse - creep traverse), a compact two-stage system is used. Here a gear pump feeds the system with high flow but low pressure and a radial piston pump with high pressure but low flow. Both pumps are flanged directly to each other and form a compact unit.

Pump elements

Basic elements in the radial piston pump are the pump elements. These can also be installed separately in extremely narrow installation spaces. This allows the user to build high-pressure systems in all conceivable individual forms.

Double pump element type DMPE

The combination of rapid traverse - creep traverse can not only be implemented with a two-stage pump, but also in a compact construction as a double pump element. Even the changeover valve is integrated in the element. These can also be installed in individual housing shapes.

High-pressure valves:

Directional valves for high pressure applications are best designed as seated valves. Other valve types complement the high-pressure hydraulic system.

Directional seated valve type NBVP

As a cone seat valve it is leak-free. 2/2-, 3/2- as well as 4/2- and 4/3-way functions are available. Equipped with the standard connection diagram NG6 (Cetop 3), the NBVP allows operating pressures up to 400 bar. Additional options such as position monitoring or 12W solenoid are available.

Directional seated valve type BVP17

The directional seated valve type BVP17 can be operated as 2/2-, 3/2- as well as 4/2- and 4/3-directional valve at operating pressures up to 700 bar. Direct actuation is optionally available as solenoid, pneumatic or manual (hand lever).

Pressure-limiting valve type MV

Pressure-limiting valves reliably protect the hydraulic system against exceeding the system pressure. The type MV is available in various designs and pressures up to 1000 bar for high-pressure applications.

Proportional pressure-limiting valve typ PMV

This valve can be controlled electrically proportional. It is used for pressure limitation but also for load pressure compensation of the actuators in the system. It is available as a plate mounting and as a valve for pipeline installation.

Releasable check valve type RHC

The check valve type RHC is available as a plug-in valve in 6 different sizes. Due to its different control ratios and the optional pre-balancing it can be used in similar applications as load-holding valves.

System solutions:

Compact hydraulic power pack type KA

The compact hydraulic power pack type KA is designed for intermittent operation. The housing contains tank, submerged motor and high-pressure or two-stage pump. Valve banks of type BA and VB can be mounted directly and thus result in a very compact system solution.

Compact hydraulic power pack type HKL

The compact hydraulic power pack type HKL can be used both in intermittent and continuous operation. The BA and VB valve assemblies can also be mounted directly here. This type of unit is preferably used for hydraulic tools.

Hydraulic power pack type FXU

For higher volume flow requirements, the standard unit type FXU is available. Thanks to its simple configuration from the modular system, many options are also available as standard in the high-pressure range.