Thanks to hydraulics

Engineers and designers have a lot in common. Every day, you have to generate ideas to improve existing products or fulfill known or even unknown expectations with new developments - ideally even exceed them.

We at HAWE Hydraulik support you in achieving these, your goals. With ideas that only hydraulics can deliver and implement. Of course, a "little" electronics, software and electrification is also part of it. Let us surprise you! Follow our special topic "Thanks to hydraulics".

How can the driving behaviour of leisure boats be enhanced and fuel consumption reduced?

With automatic synchronisation of multiple outboard motors so that the perfect water position is automatically achieved according to the driving speed. The integrated steering unit operates indepently from the engine, which allows harder turns at high speed and easier docking maneuvers. Thanks to the lower fuel consumption you have a longer driving time with one fuel tank filling. 

eBook - "Leisure boats: With passion for water sports"

HAWE components for leisure boats

Where does the required press force for assembly presses come from?

From our new intelligent compact unit INKA! The unit has not only an electronic communication box with real-time communication, but also an IO-Link interface that can transmit the measured values of the integrated multi-sensor, including the motor speed, to the higher-level machine control system and process them there - the keywords here are real-time and condition monitoring. Intended applications are f.e. machine tools and material testing, hydraulic tools, handling systems, presses and processing machines.

How does a visit to the dentist become a comfort experience?

As a powerful drive in a very small design, hydraulics are in demand in many medical technology applications. HAWE Hydraulik supplies plug & play solutions, e.g. for operating tables and dental chairs, which are so small that they are simply integrated into the device housing. As a closed system, they are virtually maintenance-free and do their job almost unnoticed over their long service life.

eBook - Hydraulic drives for dental chairs

How does a laser cutting machine become a precision master?

With the sometimes very large and heavy sheets, the synchronous stroke of the pallet lifting tables is an important prerequisite for precise cutting in laser cutting machines. HAWE Hydraulik offers proven solutions for this, which are adapted to the various precision requirements. The associated hydraulic power units are designed out of a modular system to meet the respective volume flow requirements. The solutions shown can be scaled almost freely.

HAWE components for laser cutting machines 

How does a handheld tool become a true power pack?

With the smallest dual stage drive - thanks to hydraulics and the double pump element type DMPE. Hydraulic tools are held in the hand during use and carried to the point of use. Small size and low weight make work easier. Smallest two-stage drives provide the power needed to crimp pipes, cut metal parts and loosen screwed connections. This is possible thanks to the high power density of hydraulic drives and working pressures of up to 700 bar. More information on the details can be found here:

eBook - Powerful drive for hydraulic tools

How does a tractor become a versatility champion?

The small but powerful booms on the tractor are what make the vehicle a working machine. Selecting and connecting a hydraulic control system for this purpose is easier than ever with the directional spool valve type PSL-CAN. Thanks to CAN bus technology and the graphical programming interface HAWE eDesign, the programming can also be carried out by the user. The video shows how it works. More information about the details can be found here:

Whitepaper - The easy way to get started with CAN bus technology

HAWE components for the tractor