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Cutting the chip-to-chip time

Hydraulic tool release makes machine tools more productive. High power, low pressure loss and flexible arrangement within the system are only some advantages of the new special blocks for tool release made by HAWE Hydraulik.

Although the tool change takes only a few seconds, but the machine is unproductive during that time. The shorter the changing operation, the lower are the processing costs. A hydraulic releasing of both the spring force and the self-locking action of the taper lock offers considerable advantages. Using a high flow rate and a suitable pressure the releasing process takes place in a very short time. The high flow rate is thus provided in the featured special blocks of HAWE by a directly attached accumulator and therewith immediately available.
To reduce pressure losses these blocks are located decentralized and as close as possible positioned to the spindle. The blocks are available in different sizes for a flow rate of over 60 l / min. They can be equipped with a pressure switch that monitors the release process and also the clamping process if necessary.

Oil supply the entire hydraulic system can be done with a compact power unit of HAWE Hydraulik. Since the hydraulic accumulator provides the power, a power pack with small dimensions and low electrical power consumption is adequate for the purpose. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the power pack can be accommodated anywhere in the machine, and there are no line losses to the valve block with the accumulator that could affect the performance of the release function. The hydraulic power pack can also supply other functions, such as clamping of axes or work pieces, or actuating the pallet changer.