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Two in one. It's that easy to save space.

Two directional seated valves type NBVP share one block. This reduces the installation  space in the design of the control systems by up to 50%.

The savings in space and energy with compact power packs of HAWE Hydraulik are well-known. Up to now the seated valve specialist from Munich added another way to save installation space in the directly mounted valve banks. Directional seated valves of the NBVP series are now available in multiple symbols as 2in1 version with full functionality. Specifically, two valves are installed in one valve block and share one sub-plate. These are electromagnetically actuated. An energy saving 8 watt version is also available.

Many other known options for this valve series type NBVP are also available for the new version. Thus enables the integration of diaphragms in pumps, tank and working lines which operates as a simple throttling of the volume flow to reduce cylinder speed or to avoid pressure peaks. In addition, check  valves in pump or tank line can be used. By using a check valve in the pump line the pressure in the working lines is obtained upright independently of pump pressure. Whereas a valve in the tank line (return pressure stop) prevents pressure peaks from the tank line affecting the valve. A connection for additional measuring devices, such as pressure gauges, pressure switches or Minimess is provided in the consumer port.

The connection pattern of the valve type NBVP corresponds to NG6 or Cetop 03. A simple integration is thus also possible in existing systems. The valves have zero-leakage and are designed for an operation pressure up to 400 bar. The maximum flow is 20 l / min.