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HAWE eControl wins Automation App Award 2016

The HAWE eControl app allows password-protected access to proportional solenoids, wirelessly via a Bluetooth interface. This makes start-up operation, querying of live values ​​and copying of settings to other proportional valves effortless and fast. The idea and the implementation were now honored with the Automation App Award 2016.


HAWE eControl

Electronic proportional amplifier with integrated Bluetooth interface can also be installed in inaccessible places, because the access to the amplifier will be controlled wirelessly using the HAWE eControl App via smartphone. So start-up operation, querying live values ​​and other demands become easy and fast.


2in1 Directional seated valves type NBVP

Two directional seated valves type NBVP share one block. This reduces the installation  space in the design of the control systems by up to 50%.


Hydraulic power pack with Automotive approval

The compact hydraulic power packs from HAWE Hydraulik SE, Munich, meet the technical requirements of the automotive industry. Some of them already announced the official approval for use in machine tools designed for automotive industry.  By fine-tuning the power pack to on-off mode it lowers the energy uptake of the machine tool's hydraulic system by up to 80% compared to systems using standard market products.  


Cutting the chip-to-chip time

Hydraulic tool release makes machine tools more productive. High power, low pressure loss and flexible arrangement within the system are only some advantages of the new special blocks for tool release made by HAWE Hydraulik.


Intelligent plug amplifier with pulse width modulation and easy installation

With the new EV2S-CAN electronic plug amplifier, HAWE Hydraulik SE, Munich, is offering a very practical, flexible electronics component. With 2 analogue inputs and 2 precise, current-controlled PWM outputs, you can control all standard proportional valves reliably and without wasting space. You can also read off the process data from a smartphone using Bluetooth.   






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