ROVO - Vehicles Mattro

Product description

The ROVO robot platform has a fully electrical drive system and runs on caterpillar tracks. It has been specially developed for off-road use.

The chassis is equipped with a powerful drive and a proprietary exchangeable rechargeable battery. The standard chassis is very well equipped to accept a wide variety of built-on equipment and superstructures. Many options are also available to adapt it to your requirements. Partner companies have developed suitable hardware and software extensions for this purpose.

HAWE offers a variety of hydraulic components that are compatible with the ROVO platform, meaning even complex hydraulic requirements and functions can be implemented flexibly.

Features and advantages

  • Compact design
  • Short charging times and long battery life
  • Maximum payload of 500 kg
  • Precise manoeuvrability
  • Standardised interfaces (e.g. CAN bus)
  • Speed of up to 30 km/h
  • Slope/gradient of up to 100%
  • Fording depth of 20 cm

Intended applications

  • Inspections and measurements in hazardous areas
  • Transportation and logistics tasks under special conditions
  • Use by search and rescue, mountain rescue, fire brigade and emergency response services
  • Use underground in galleries and tunnels
  • Agriculture: mowing, mulching and watering on impassable ground
  • Marking out work
  • Taking ground samples
  • Disinfection of chambers and surfaces