RZ - Dual-stage pump

Product description

The radial piston pump type R consists of valve-controlled pump elements arranged in star form around an eccentric. For large flow rates, up to 42 pump elements can be set up in 6 stars stacked one above the other. The pump elements’ output volume is merged to feed one or more pressure outlets.

The radial piston pump type RZ has a closed pump housing. Therefore, besides use as a motor pump outside an oil tank, installation in the container of a hydraulic power pack is also possible. The pump is available with several pressure outlets which enable the same or several different flows. Type RZ is a classic dual-stage pump consisting of a radial piston pump and a gear pump.

Features and advantages

  • Good function even at low viscosity
  • High level of efficiency
  • Compact dimensions
  • Fine delivery flow gradation
  • Multiple pressure connections possible

Intended applications

  • Any high-pressure application is basically possible.
  • Areas in which a constant flow rate is necessary.
  • Press construction
  • Fixture design
  • Testing and laboratory equipment
  • Lubrication systems
  • Agricultural engineering