BVH - Valve banks

Product description

The valve bank type BVH comprises several directional seated valves that are connected in parallel. As cone valves the directional seated valves have zero leakage in the closed state. The valve sections are connected using banjo bolts. 2/2, 3/2, 4/2 and 4/3-way directional seated valves are available.

Depending on the functional requirement, pressure reducing valves, pressure switches, check valves, restrictors or restrictor check valves are integrated into the valve section.

The valve bank can be flange-mounted directly on compact hydraulic power packs or integrated into a pipe system via a piping block.

Features and advantages

  • Flexible expandability
  • Compact and lighter design (elimination of the base plates)

Intended applications

  • Auxiliary and clamping functions on machine tools and fixtures
  • Auxiliary and clamping functions on forming machine tools